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TRAX SmartRestrooms

TRAX SmartRestrooms solutions give insight into the status of your restroom and overall custodial operation by providing predictive, real-time, and historical data analysis. Turn your restrooms into Data-Collection Central with smart dispensers, throughput counting, staff location data, guest feedback surveys, smart stalls, and more.

TRAX SmartRestrooms

Consolidate Your Data

Our combination of over 15 different data points gives your business the groundwork to understand your custodial and facility operations in detail and in one place. Utilize TRAX data to analyze performance, maintenance, and restroom status while actively managing work orders, inventory, and the routes of your custodians.

TRAX Smart Restrooms Consolidate Your Data

TRAX Mobile App

The TRAX mobile application gives access and visibility into restroom status and immediate feedback if there is an issue. Automatic routing based on predictive and real-time analysis allows the staff to shift from schedule-based cleaning to demand-based cleaning.

Integration into work order systems, visualization on a facility map, location-based services, and real-time alerting improve operational efficiency and the overall guest experience. Manage your QA/QC process while on the go.

TRAX Smart Restrooms Mobile App


Smart Restrooms